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Szuka:przygody, przyjaźni, zabawy, seksu, miłości, kobiet 

Wiek:50 lat 

Znak zodiaku:Koziorożec 

Stan cywilny:Wdowiec 


Zawód:Specjalista IT/Inżynier 

Region / miasto:Hamburg 

Kraj zamieszkania:Niemcy 

Jestem w Niemczech:Kilka tygodni 

Planuje zostać w Niemczech:Chcę zobaczyć co życie przyniesie 

Własnymi słowami:

I am a simple single man with a very relax attitude to life. I have a mother who's the center of my happiness. I lost my wife some years ago and since then i found it difficult to get into a new relationship because i always thought that it would be very difficult to find someone like her again, especially in the state, but now i realize that i am not getting any younger and i understand little about life already. I have been thinking and I keep asking myself that, If I’m “big single” does that make someone more single than just being regular single?
Now I am seriously asking for a friend first and let's see if there's chemistry. I know what i want in life and i know that life is too short not to love and be loved. I believe so much in God and Destiny.
What is meant to be will be so I stay honest and always be myself for i can never be some one else and No one can be me. I considered myself as too old for multiple women because i have a mature outlook on life and i can't keep up with e